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The wild life in Ahmednagar district
The wild life in Ahmednagar district is poor and sparse. However, the following wild animals and birds are found in the district:—
  • (1) The Panther—Panthoropardus—is found occasionally in the hilly forest areas of the Akola, Rajur, Rahuri and Shrigonda ranges.
  • (2) Among the carnivorous animals found in the district are the jackal, Kolha or Sheal,canis-aureus the hyena, the wild cat (Felis chus).
  • (3) The herbivorous animals commonly found in Ahmadnagar district are as under:—
  • (a) The Indian Gazelle, Chinkara (Gazella bennetti);
    (b) The Black bucks, Harine (cervicapra).
  • (4) Animals such as the Hare, Khargosh (Leous nigricollis rufi-caudatus), Parempine (Hystrix lucura) are also found in almost all the forest areas.
  • (5) Among the birds the peafowl (Pavo cristatus), Grey and painted partridges, Tetar (Francolinus spp), the Pater (Coturnix spp), the green pigeons, hariyal (PhoenicoprerusCrocopus) are found in Shrigonda, Rahuri, Parner, Akola and Rajur Forest Ranges.
  • (6) The Great Indian Bustard (Choriotis nigriceps). This bird is making a precarious existence and heading towards extinction, and is seen infrequently, on the borders of Aurangabad division in the Newasa and Shevgaon talukas. Its flight is limited and is in the fields and plains not far away from human habitation, which makes its existence vulnerable to the village shikaris who ruthlessly kill it as a table-bird.
  • The population of the aquatic birds is limited due to the small water-spread in the district. Some varieties of ducks (sarkidioruis spp) are found near the tanks in the district.

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